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What to do when your cell phone is not functioning properly.

It is almost impossible to go a day without our cell phone. No wonder when they don’t work right, we freak out. Our anxiety goes up. We feel unconnected. We don’t know what to do.

Finding a fast, reliable and affordable solution for your cell phone can be a problem. But that’s where we come in. We love to help with cell phone screen repairs near Grand Rapids, Michigan at Device Pitstop Phone Repair.

At Device Pitstop, we repair all your devices. We provide services like phone screen replacement, battery replacement, charge port replacement and much more. Every repair at comes with a warranty on parts and labor against any defects. Device Pitstop Phone Repair is dedicated to getting you and your device up and running in no time.

By choosing us, you are assured that your device is in the right hands. Device Pitstop cell phone repair store provides secure, trusted, and reliable repair and device resales. Call or step into our store located in Grandville, MI. Or find us online or on social media -- we are literally just a click away when you need us. We offer quick, instant quotes from our website for iPhone screen repairs and other repairs. We will text you the price immediately for common repairs.

Quality repairs at a price you can afford is what we are about. We always use high quality parts used by the top repair companies. In addition to cell phone repairs, we repair computers, laptops, iPads, Samsung tablets, games systems and more. We are committed to Quality in everything we do. Whether it is a replacement of a cracked screen of your smartphone or laptop or it is a major device repair, we take strive to ensure that you get a smile on your face😊. We also do this while providing friendly and professional service.

No matter how the phones are built nowadays, they still encounter problems such as broken screen, a decrease in battery life and all other problems and therefore the phone causes problems for you. It is a fact that when your cell phone is broken, it won’t work as it is when you purchased it. In a case where the screen is broken, scrolling through pages won’t be seamless; you may even end up having cuts on your fingers. While this can be frustrating most of the time, the good part of it is that you can always rely on Device Pitstop to fix any broken part of the phone for you.

We are committed to exceed our customer expectations. And we are determined to provide the best-in-class – quality solutions, for the customers who come to us. We strive to deliver outstanding customer services and continually improve to be the most preferred destination for any cell phone, android repair and laptop repairs near Grand Rapids Michigan.

By focusing on what is best for the customer, Device Pitstop Phone Repair sets itself apart from other repair shops. This is what makes us different. Our committed to right by the customer is what keeps them coming back each time they need a phone, computer, laptop or tablet repair near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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