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What Are Cookies? And Can I Delete them from my computer?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

You see it on most websites, the notice asking you to accept cookies. Odds are, you just click through, and carry on with your web browsing.

But cookies enable websites to track your online movements.

Everyone has cookies, but not everyone knows how to delete cookies from your computer, or why that matters.

If you need help, a computer repair or laptop repair shop like Device Pitstop Phone Repair in Grandville, MI is here for you.

Not sure what cookies are? Cookies are small pieces of data that identify your computer to a website with a unique code. The cookies are sent by a web server to your device while you're on that server's website. Your computer stores that cookie and, when you visit that website again, the server can recognize that the device is the same one as was used previously.

Cookies are used by marketing firms who target your interests and buying habits. Cookies are the reason why you might be eyeing a new pair of shoes on one website and then see ads for that same pair of shoes when you're on other websites.

Cookies can be extremely helpful. For example, cookies allow a site to remember a user’s username and login.

But cookies aren't always great. Privacy issues are one thing to consider. It is best to know who is following your activities, and you should review and clean out cookies that may be unwanted.

One quick and easy way to delete cookies that track you online is to download a software like CC Cleaner or Avast, which removes cookies and temporary files from your computer for you. This software also blocks viruses.

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