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5 Reasons Why You Should Update iOS on Your iPhone

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Updating your iPhone’s operating system — iOS can be time-consuming and demand significant storage space. However, it is recommended because it ensures your iPhone's seamless working and performance, offering you an optimum user experience. Thus, while it is too convenient to tap the "later" or "ignore the update" button, you should not ignore those update prompts and instead install the latest version of iOS today to enjoy the most well-performing features of your iPhone. Wondering why?

Here's why you should consider updating iOS on your iPhone.

Fixes the Bug

In the world of technology, the word "bug" relates to the errors that trigger the crashing of a program or produce unexpected results. While these iPhone bugs can occur anytime, they can affect your everyday use.

For instance, if you experience trouble unlocking your Apple watch feature or find that your iPhone is not properly connecting to your mobile data, your iPhone is more likely to have out-of-date software. You can always fix it by taking it to a reputed repair store in town to ensure quality services and desired results.

However, remember that the latest iOS update generally contains bug fixes to resolve common user issues. So, updating your iPhone with iOS will equip your device to offer top-notch performance features.

Security Updates

Every iOS upgrade comprises security updates that patch several vulnerabilities to safeguard your iPhone. This is one of the significant reasons you can avoid installing antivirus softwares or apps on your device. However, remember that these security patches might not protect a jailbroken iPhone.

Sometimes you might avoid updating because you feel you are already careful while clicking on questionable links or conducting banking transactions on your antivirus-protected desktop computer. It is vital to remember that these updates are recommended as they are engineered to offer optimum safety to your device. Because by the time your iPhone is hacked, it will be too late to cure the problem!

Therefore, it is best to save yourself from the later hassles and update iOS on your device.

New Features

The evolution of technological advancements has rolled out several new and exciting features with major iOS updates. For instance, the iOS 9 updates came with low power mode that allowed your device's remaining battery power to last longer. Similarly, the iOS 12 update introduced screen time, providing its users with a record of how many hours they have used their iPhones while allowing them to set a usage limit. At the same time, iOS 14 updates revealed Widgets and bought significant abilities for you to customize your iPhone's home screen. And, iOS 15's Live Text update equips you to scan text in a picture.

Therefore, you should consider updating your iPhone with iOS updates, as every update brings a powerful feature to your iPhone that either fixes the bugs or enhances your user experience.

App Compatibility

Some apps are only compatible and work smoothly with the latest iOS. Therefore, if you wish to download specific social media apps like Reddit or graphic designing apps such as Canva, you can only do it if your iPhone is updated with at least iOS 13.

While Apple typically provides iOS updates for a device till five years of its launch, you can easily enjoy all the trending apps even if you have iPhone 7 by simply updating your device with the latest iOS.

New Emojis

Do you see a square-shaped emoji with a question mark in your received messages? This happens when your device is not updated with the latest iOS. While updating your iPhone to access the newest emojis may feel trivial, it can often get confusing and boring if you do not have any means to understand what your contacts are trying to convey over texts. Emojis are a new and exciting way to communicate your words, thoughts, and feelings to your near and dear ones.

So, why not update and join in the fun?

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