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iOS 16 Tips & Tricks

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

iOS 16 brings probably the biggest overhaul to the iPhone lock screen ever, but that is not all that's new in the latest version of the platform. 1. Change your iPhone lock screen wallpaper To do so, you long press on the lock screen, then tap on Customize and here you can select a picture as your new lockscreen. The iPhone automatically recognizes the edges and hides them behind the clock; it’s like suddenly you have a fashion magazine cover on your lockscreen. It also animates in stages when you turn your phone on, which is a really nice little touch. 2. Add widgets to your lock screen Secondly, you have to try out the new lockscreen widgets. You have a spot for one widget at the very top row, and then below the clock, you can place four small sized widgets or two larger sized ones. And a tap on a widget brings you directly to the app it is associated with. Currently, only a few Apple apps support this, but in just a couple of months we imagine most popular apps will have a lockscreen widget. 3. Password protect your photos There are a few new features in the Photos app too, with your hidden and recently deleted photos now protected with Face ID or a passcode, which is great for those photos that you don’t want your friends or family to accidentally stumble upon. Hey, some people need their privacy after all!

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