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5 Reasons to Repair Your iPad Instead of Buying a New One

Your iPad is a valuable tool that you use for work, school, entertainment, and more. When it breaks, it can be tempting to just buy a new one. However, there are many reasons why you should consider getting your iPad repaired instead.

1. It's cheaper

The cost of repairing an iPad is usually much less than the cost of buying a new one. For example, a cracked iPad screen repair can cost around $100, while a new iPad can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can also replace your battery in your iPad. If your device is not keeping its charge that can be fixed by a great iPad repair shop like Device Pitstop near Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can get an instant quote to repair your iPad screen by using our instant quote tool.

2. It's more convenient

If you have your iPad repaired in Grandville Michigan at Device Pitstop, you can get it back within a few days. With a new iPad, you'll have to wait for it to be shipped to you, which can take several days or even weeks. And right now, it is difficult to find the lower priced iPads in stock at stores near you.

3. It's better for you and your data

When you repair your iPad at Device Pitstop, you can keep all of your data, including your photos, videos, apps, and settings. All of your information will still be on your iPad and there will be no reason to have to login again. With a new iPad, you'll have to start from scratch and remember all your passwords. Yikes!

4. It's more reliable

A repaired iPad is just as reliable as a new one. In fact, it may even be more reliable, since it's been through a thorough inspection and repair process. At Device Pitstop in Grand Rapids, Michigan we can repair your iPad within a few days. Plus, we offer a warranty on all of our work.

5. It's better for the environment.

When you buy a new iPad, it's created using a lot of resources and energy. It also creates a lot of waste when it's eventually thrown away. By repairing your iPad at Device Pitstop, you can help to reduce your environmental impact.

If your iPad breaks, don't automatically assume that you need to buy a new one. Consider getting it repaired at Device Pitstop located near you in Grandville, Michigan instead. It's cheaper, better for the environment, more convenient, and better for you and your data.

Here are some additional tips for getting your iPad repaired:

  • Do your research. There are many different places where you can get your iPad repaired. Make sure to do some research and find a reputable repair shop like Device Pitstop.

  • Get multiple estimates. Don't just go with the first repair shop you find. Get multiple estimates to make sure you're getting the best price. Check our prices HERE.

  • Ask about warranties. Most repair shops offer warranties on their work. Make sure to ask about the warranty before you have your iPad repaired.

By following these tips, you can save money and get your iPad repaired quickly and easily at Device Pitstop. We also repair phones, laptops, game systems too.

If for some reason your iPad is not repairable, we sell gently-used iPads in our store in Grandville that might be right of you.

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