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3 Things You Should Do When Selling your Phone, Laptop or Tablet

We buy devices all the time. We love buying Apple products – iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. We love buying Windows and gaming laptops too. We also love Android phones.

If you have a device to sell – you need to check out - Device Pitstop in Grandville!

If you are going to sell your device, there are a few things to do before you head to Device Pitstop Phone Repair & Resale.

1. Charge Your Device

When you stop in, the first thing we do is turn on your device. If you are selling a phone or tablet you will want it to be charged. Apple iPhones and iPads must charge to 5% to even turn on. This can take 15 minutes or longer. Android phones or tablets may need a few minutes too if they are dead on arrival!

Your laptop should also be charged. That way we can test your laptop battery when you bring it in. Just know, we do buy laptops with bad batteries. We just account for a battery replacement when you sell your laptop.

By charging your device before your stop in, you will save time for sure.

2. Know Your Passcode and Account Passwords

You will need to sign into your device when you bring it in to sell it. We will have you sign-in to your phone, laptop or tablet. This will allow us to check the information we need in order to make you an offer.

If you agree to sell us your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, MacBook, or laptop we will walk you through the steps to erase your data. This is when you will need your account passwords.

For Apple products, you will need to know your Apple ID (which is an email – usually found on your device under settings) AND your Apple ID password. Without this password we cannot remove your account and would not be able to buy your device.

When selling a Windows laptop, Device Pitstop in Grandville, MI only needs Microsoft account information – User name and password. Just know, most people do NOT have Microsoft accounts on their computers. You can determine if you have a Microsoft account on your laptop by typing the word “account” in the search bar then selecting email and accounts. If you have a Microsoft account on your laptop this is where it would show up.

When selling an Android phone or tablet to Device Pitstop, you will need to know the passcode to open the phone, and know your Gmail account password.

3. Bring Your Charger

When you come in to sell your device, we encourage you to bring your charger for the device or devices you wish to sell. If you are selling Device Pitstop Grandville a phone, having your charger is not necessary. Phone chargers tend to be readily available. However, laptop and tablet chargers tend to be specific to the device. If you bring in a tablet or laptop without a charger, we will make an offer for less.

As one of Grand Rapids, best repair and resale shops, Device Pitstop is always buying phones, laptops, MacBooks, iPads, gaming laptops, iPhones and more. If you have questions about selling your device near me you can always call us at 616-288-3170. We pay cash-on-the-spot when buying devices.

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