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4 Signs Your Smartphone Battery Needs to be Replaced

Even the best smartphones (Android or iPhone) start to depreciate with regular wear and tear, and one of the noticeable ways that it happens is battery damage. While smartphone batteries ensure the smooth functioning of your phone, they start getting worn out with time. This can lead to frequent discharging of your phone, which can be frustrating to deal with on a regular basis.

However, early identification of battery damage can save you from experiencing excessive trouble by getting it replaced with a reputed repair service house.

Read on to understand the signs that indicate your phone’s battery might be damaged or in need of repair.

Your Phone’s Battery is Constantly Breaking Down

You can know if your phone's battery needs repairing or replacement by noticing how much it needs to be charged throughout the day. While this highly depends on personal usage habits, most people with average phone usage habits charge their devices at the end of the day.

However, if you too have an average phone usage habit and still need to charge your phone more than a couple of times a day, it is a sure sign that your phone’s battery needs a replacement.

It is recommended to consult a reputed mobile repairing service to ensure quality services.

Your Phone is Getting Older

While this tip may seem a little tricky, you would be surprised to know that you can figure out how many times you’ve charged your phone since you first purchased it. For instance, if you charge your phone once daily, it will sum up to 350 charging cycles each year.

A standard phone battery is engineered to last for 300-350 charging cycles. Thus, once you reach the 18 to 24-month mark since you bought your phone, you should know that your battery will likely get worn out.

The Charging Cycle is Not Recharging Your Phone Completely

Your phone not getting fully charged in a typical charging cycle can indicate that your battery is calling for a replacement. Most batteries generally require 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged.

Therefore, by letting your phone’s battery fall under 5%, you can use this trick to check if it is functioning correctly. However, make sure to plug it into a charger for the time the manufacturer recommends. This will help you determine whether your phone’s battery can hold a full charge or needs replacement.

Your Phone’s Battery is Running Hot

If you notice your phone’s battery getting overheated with normal usage or becoming very hot while charging, it can be an alarming sign of damage. Other symptoms of battery damage can include bumping up of a battery, slow loading of apps, or slow response to your touch.

It is recommended to consider getting your phone’s battery replaced by a trusted repair service to ensure a quality solution.

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