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FYI - Password is NOT a good password. How to Avoid Common Password Mistakes

Mistake #1 - Using the same password for all your accounts

We've all used the same password for more than one account. Who can blame us? Passwords are easy to remember when they are all the same.

Experts suggest that the best practice is to NEVER use the same password on more than one account.

To help remember passwords, you can use a password app. You can save all your passwords here for a minimal cost. One we like is Keeper but there are many more available. You can also use notes on your phone to create a list of passwords. This allows you easy access when you have your phone with you. You can also keep a password list on a good old piece of paper. We see many older adults use this option.

Mistake #2 – Using easy to guess words or phrases.

It’s very common to use easy to guess sequences like 123456, abcdefg, password123, or information that is publicly available such as your name, address or kids names.

Don’t make this mistake.

One idea for passwords included using the last item you ate - along with your favorite number and symbol. Strong passwords have 12 letters – the longer the better. Use upper and lower case letters and use symbols to help make your password stronger. Just be sure to write your new password down in your app, notes or paper list.

For has more password ideas in this article.

Mistake #3 – Not changing your password from time to time

Even though it is a pain in the neck, updating and changing your passwords makes your accounts more secure.

Data breaches are happening daily. These can put your passwords at risk. If you are notified of an account breach, you should take the time to change your password for this account. Adding two-factor authentication to the account can help too. We suggest you use your cell phone number as a way to confirm your identity. Most people carry their phones with them so it is easy to receive a text to confirm its you.

If you are very organized, you can plan a specific time of year to change all your passwords. You could do this in the new year. You could do this the first day of fall. The point is, changing your passwords makes your accounts more secure. Just find time to do it.

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